Can I buy this?

This game is only available for members of Arcadis' Expedition DNA program.

How do we get hints?

Hints are available in-game, we’ve tried to make this game incredibly narratively propelled, so your assistance will be given by characters that you find and interact with during the game by either clicking various ‘assistance’ buttons. You will be scored, and your score will be added to your Guild total, so bear in mind that every hint taken will reduce your overall score. Time will also be taken into consideration for score, so you'll have to weigh up whether it's worth getting a hint now and saving the time it would take to solve the puzzle. Bear in mind that every time any player clicks 'hint' will count as a new hint, so it's safer to have one person get a hint and share the information.

What do I need to play?

An internet connection, a desktop/laptop, a team of 4-7 players from your Guild and a lot of brainpower.

Any tips on playing?

Communication is absolutely key with this experience. There will be moments where you see things that other players can't, and only by working together can you succeed. Bear in mind that this is an Alternate Reality Game, so the entirety of the internet is at your disposal if needed. Is there some information you don't have, but you think might be helpful? Just do a search for it. A key example might be a message in morse code. We don't necessarily expect you to know Morse Code offhand, but if you recognise it, there's nothing to stop you searching the internet to be able to translate it.

Do I need a printer?

No, everything is designed to be self-contained.

Is there a time limit?

Not at all. You can play entirely at your own pace, although we recommend getting through each chapter in one go, otherwise your game time will be extremely high, and you'll end up with less Guild points!

What if something goes wrong?

While the majority of tech issues occur because you're using an unsupported device or browser, the interconnectivity of the game means that on slower computers you may disconnect from it. Fear not, your progress will be saved, so we recommend that the person who lost connection simply refresh the page and join as before.

Need any further help? Get in touch with the creators - Deadlocked Escape Rooms - We recommend through Facebook Messenger as it'll be instant!