Gather your team together on your favourite video/audio call software and click Play Now in the menu above. You'll need every player to be on a laptop/desktop running the latest version of your web browser. We recommend Chrome or Microsoft Edge. (Safari is unsupported). The more powerful your machine, the better. Some slower computers could struggle with the more intensive parts and lose connection. 

Once you've all loaded the game, you can join a lobby together by typing in your Team Code, provided by Arcadis directly. Should you have an unstable connection and drop out, the game should continue for the other players, and you can return by refreshing the page and re-joining as before. You should automatically return to where you were in the game.


Points you earn in this game will be added to your Guild total. Each chapter has a maximum of 10,000 points up for grabs. The longer you take, the more points you lose. Every clue you take, you'll lose points. We strongly advise you discuss with your team if you want to take a hint.

How does it work?

Our escape at home experiences are a new type of multi-media Escape Room adventure where you can play with your team across the internet (using your preferred video calling software) or even solo. Our games are a type called 'Alternate Reality Games' which means you won't be tied to just the web page that you start on.

Unlock files and documents

Throughout the game you'll come across files, documents, images, audio, video and all manner of discoveries that you'll need to explore fully and think about how to use to the best of your abilities.

Scour the internet for clues

Interact with characters, hunt through social media and custom websites in order to break the codes and achieve your objectives. Our ‘Alternative Reality Games’ don’t restrict what you can use, or where on the internet you can hunt to succeed.

Interact with custom interfaces

Custom built interactive interfaces and puzzles that can only be defeated with all other aspects of the game. Some sections of the game require a desktop/laptop to get the full experience.